Conventional treatments for Glioblastomalike surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have failed to completely eliminate cancer and help evade its reoccurrence. Henceforth, researchers have conducted several studies like ‘Gamma-tocotrienol and hydroxy-chavicol synergistically inhibit growth and induces apoptosis of human glioma cells’ in which they have discovered natural anti-oxidants in the form of Annatto based Tocotrienol exhibit strong anti-cancer activities and moreover, Eannattohas successfully harvested Annatto for Tocotrienols to deliver antioxidants with maximum percentage of Alpha, Delta and Gamma Tocotrienols to every corner of the world and provide maximum health benefits.

Why Tocotrienol?


Antioxidants, especially Tocotrienol was observed to exhibit anti-cancer activity against brain cancer cells.


Angiogenesis which is the process of formation of blood vessels in cancer cells like in your brain cancer. Tocotrienol promotes cancer cell death to a very great extent and good results of anti-angiogenesis property of Tocotrienols have been observed against brain cancer cells in the study.


Apoptosis or programmed cell death is the process of elimination and death of cancer cells. All the isoforms of Tocotrienol have been observed to induce apoptosis in Glioblastoma in vitro by activating caspase-8 and enhancing mitochondrial cytochrome release due to loss of mitochondrial membrane integrity.

Cell Proliferation

Cell Proliferation is the process by which cancer cells copy their DNA and divide into two cancer cells during mitosis and rapidly multiply into more cancer cells. Gamma-Tocotrienol has been observed to inhibit cell proliferation through the induction of apoptosis of human glioma cells in vitro.


Chemoprevention and anti-cancer activity against Glioblastoma have been observed in Tocotrienols.


Chemosensitization is the combination of Tocotrienol with several chemotherapeutic drugs such as celecoxib, statins or dietary components such as curcumin, polyphenols, etc. which effectively sensitize the cancer cells. In a study, combined treatments with sub-effective doses of Gamma-Tocotrienol and Hydroxyl-Chavicol have been observed to inhibit growth and induce apoptosis of human glioma cells.

TRF or Tocotrienol Rich Fractions

TRF or Tocotrienol Rich Fractions trapped in transferrin bearing vesicles were observed to remarkably enhance the cytotoxic activity of TRF by more than a 100 folds in Glioblastoma T98G cells by improving the uptake of TRF.


Approximately, 200-900 gms/day of Tocotrienols have been used to treat cancers without any adverse effects and with satisfactory results.

Why Tocotrienol and Not Tocopherol?

Tocopherol, the enemy of Tocotrienol

Tocopherol, the enemy of Tocotrienol: Tocopherol interferes with the functioning of Tocotrienol as it attenuates brain cancer inhibition, inhibits absorption, reduces adipose storage, and compromises cholesterol and triglyceride reduction.

Tocotrienol, the protector of State

Tocotrienol, the protector of State: Tocotrienol has more mobility than Tocopherol due to its small structure so it can cover a larger area targeting more number of brain cancer cells.

Small structure and less molecular weight

Small structure and less molecular weight: The higher anti-oxidant activity of Tocotrienols is due to their small structure and less molecular weight which assist in their integration of the cell, unlike Tocopherols.